Data papers now welcome at Italian Botanist 

06 March 2023

The Data Paper is the latest article format to be made available for authors at the Italian Botanist journal.

The article type allows for authors of data to formally describe their datasets - thereby increasing their scientific value - as those become easier to discover, understand and build upon by fellow researchers.

“By publishing a peer-reviewed data paper - or a searchable metadata document - authors receive credit through indexing and citation, increase the visibility and usability of the data, and can track their usage and citations,” says Prof. Lorenzo Peruzzi, Editor-in-Chief ofItalian Botanist and Full professor in systematic botany at the Department of Biology, University of Pisa, Italy.

“Today, authoring informative metadata is becoming increasingly important to allow the discovery of biodiversity data,” he adds.

Besides the Data Paper and the conventional Research and Review Article, Italian Botanist offers to its authors article formats such as Catalogue, Monograph, Checklist, Forum Paper, Short Communication and Book Review.

For more information, guidelines and recommendations about data publishing at Italian Botanist, see here.

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