Vegetation and land use of the study area. 1: discontinuous communities of sea cliffs, seashores and bare rocks; 2: arid grasslands, garrigues and scrubs; 3: holm oak bushes; 4: forests dominated by pines; 5: settled areas (including roads, and greenhouses); 6: agricultural mosaic, with cultivated garden, dry stone walls, paths and semi-natural or abandoned areas; 7: olive groves; 8: riparian woods; 9: reed. The study area is bounded by the coastline and falls within the brown line. The red line marks the western part of the SAC.

  Part of: Mariotti M, Zappa E (2022) Remarks on the exotic flora of Capo Mortola (Ventimiglia, northern Italy) and its changes over time. Italian Botanist 14: 1-43.