LM image of the longitudinal section of female inflorescence stained with toluidine blue A the ovary contains a single ovule and is surmounted by a 2-branched stigma B resin ducts as that in the image (asterisk) could be observed in the fleshy ovary. The stigmas were covered with papillae (arrows) C CaOx crystals deposits were present in the ovary at maturity D female inflorescence spike axis, cross-section. Two concentric circles of vascular bundles, with a lacuna in the middle E vascular bundle. Toluidine blue positive material in the phloem.

  Part of: Corti E, Palchetti E, Biricolti S, Gori M, Tani C, Squillace A, Pittella A, Papini A, Falsini S (2021) Histochemical observations in Piper malgassicum (Piperaceae) with a special focus on the epidermis. Italian Botanist 12: 29-47. https://doi.org/10.3897/italianbotanist.12.70675