Area where the annual field trip of the working group for Floristics, Systematics and Evolution of the Italian Botanical Society took place and topographic maps (scale 1:20,000) with collecting sites (number and yellow dots). For detailed data of each site, see Suppl. material 1: 5. a July, 9 (site n. 2), July, 11 (from site n. 8 to n. 16), July, 12 (from site n. 17 to n. 20) b July, 9 (site n. 1) and July, 10 (from site n. 3 to n. 7). From: GeoPortale Piemonte (Regione Piemonte –

  Part of: Bouvet D, Pistarino A, Soldano A, Banfi E, Barbo M, Bartolucci F, Bovio M, Cancellieri L, Conti F, Di Pietro R, Faraoni F, Fascetti S, Galasso G, Gangale C, Lattanzi E, Peccenini S, Perrino EV, Rizzieri Masin R, Romano VA, Rosati L, Salerno G, Stinca A, Tilia A, Uzunov D (2018) Contribution to the floristic knowledge of the head of the Po Valley (Piedmont, north Italy). Italian Botanist 5: 57-69.