In the background the Apulian districts: Gargano (C1), Tavoliere delle Puglia (C2), Dauni Mountains for the province of Foggia (C3); Land of Bari murgiana (C4) and Terra di Bari (C5) for the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani and Bari; Valle d’Itria (C6) and Salento for the province of Brindisi and Lecce (C7); Ionic tarantine arch for the province of Taranto (C8). In the foreground red areas the study areas (15) for each district.

  Part of: Biscotti N, Bonsanto D, Viscio GD (2018) The traditional food use of wild vegetables in Apulia (Italy) in the light of Italian ethnobotanical literature. Italian Botanist 5: 1-24.