The cemetery area of Modena A position of the areas investigated (green: Catholic cemetery, monumental part – zone 1a in the text; red: Catholic cemetery, ancient tombs disposed all along the southern perimeter wall of the cemetery complex – zone 1b in the text; orange: Catholic cemetery, grasslands of the ancient ossuary – zone 1c in the text; blue: Jewish cemetery – zone 2 in the text) B position of the cemetery area with regard to the historical city centre (in gray) C position of Modena (black dot) within Italy D view of the Catholic cemetery in the monumental part E view of the grassland of the ancient ossuary in the Catholic cemetery F view of the Jewish cemetery. The cartographic base of parts A and B derives from the Carta Tecnica Regionale dell’Emilia-Romagna (scale 1:5000), with modifications.

  Part of: Buldrini F, Gianaroli I, Bosi G, Alessandrini A, Santini C (2023) Spontaneous vascular flora of the historical monumental cemetery of Modena (N-Italy). Italian Botanist 15: 111-136.